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Thursday, 9 May 2013

My New Boyfriend

Hello friends, I’m Sunitha age 28, married with 2 kids. I was married of by my parents at the age of 20 and I lost my virginity to my hubby on first night itself and since my marriage days my hubby used to sex with me at least 2 times daily. Due to his I’m very much a sex hunger. 
One and half years back my hubby got a job in Gulf and he has moved there leaving me and my kids here due to their education, he comes once in a year or 6-8 months. My looks are 34D-30-32, 5-4ft and most of them say that I resemble a lot to Tele actress Swetha Tewari, my skin colour is medium.
I stay alone with my kids in Hyderabad; my house is slightly outskirts of the city near my house there used to be my friend by the name Sumalatha they are from Karnataka, she is elder than me and has 2 kids, and she stays along with her hubby and is very close to me.
She has one cousin brother who is doing his B. Tech and stays near to our house, his name is Santosh. His age is around 18-19 years; he is quite smart and intelligent. He comes to his sister’s house very frequently, and slowly he became friend to me also.
Since even I was longing for a male friend, he is very jolly and fun loving guy. I, Suma and Santosh used to go out while our kids are in school for shopping or movies.  He used to crack jokes and make me happy which I was missing ever since my hubby left to gulf.
He used to send SMS to my mobile on sex jokes, which his sister never knew it. In the absence of Suma, while we both are in movie hall, he used to hold my hand and caress them; this went on for a while.
After 2 months Suma and her family had to move out of Hyderabad due to her hobby’s job, as her hubby was transferred to another place. This made feel bad and down, as my only friend was leaving me, so even I thought that Santosh will also stop coming from now on.
I was quite depressed, after 2 days of Suma left Santosh called me in the morning and told that he will come and we shall go to a movie be ready. I was very much happy, that day butterfly was flying in my stomach thinking what will happen.
I got ready wore a transparent saree, as he used to tell me that I look very sexy in saree than any other dress and after 20 minutes he came on his bike and we both went to a movie it was morning show; so not much people were there.
We went inside, he told that I know that you are very much depressed since my sister Suma left, so I have come to make you happy and don’t worry we shall keep meeting regularly like we used to do. I was very happy; I told him that you are very special to me.
He told that I know that I’m special to you; I asked him how you know that! He told that if I’m not special to you; then you would not wear a saree and look so sexy and attractive; and come along with me today to a movie while the movie started, he was searching for my hand.
I asked him why you want my hand. He told to hold them. I told him that I will not give and he was not listening to my words and while he searched he touched my tummy and naval, I felt as if current passed thru me and I let out a sound as erss.
He asked me what happened I told him nothing and he tried to remove his hand from my naval, I held his hand and he understood my needs, as I was sex hungry for almost 6-8 months. He then removed his hand and put on my shoulders and he then started to press my boobs over blouse.
I gave a sound again as oh and he was pressing them hard and making me sensuous and horny. I then slowly removed the buttons of the blouse and asked him to hold them thru my bra, for some time he was pressing them on my bra after 5 minutes.
He whispered in my ears why you don’t remove your bra also, I told him it is a movie hall someone might see us and he told no one is there and it’s dark. I told him to remove it himself, if he wants; he removed the hooks of the bra and was holding my breasts in bare hands.
He was very much excited, was playing with my both the bare boobs, by pinching, sucking and pressing them. I asked him if he is virgin, he told yes never even kissed anyone till date; I thought I’m lucky to have him and that to very much younger than me.
After sometime he removed his penis from his pant and asked me to suck it, I was also trilled and started sucking it within 2 minutes he released his lava cum into my mouth, it tasted good. After that I told we shall go home now, he told fine.
We walked out of movie hall in the mid of the movie, headed to the parking lot and went to my house as I opened to door lock and went inside, he just came behind me and cuddled and kissed me first all over, then our lips touched, we smooched for more than 10 minutes.
He bit me lips, sucked the, it was bleeding. While doing this he was pressing my boobs, he removed my pallu and started to suck my boobs over the blouse itself. I told him to remove the blouse and bra within no time he removed my entire saree, blouse and lenga.
I was only on bra and panty, he then removed his shirt, and I liked his hairy chest. Later removed his pant also, he lifted me to my bed room and threw me on my bed, then removed my bra and panty seeing my love hole, he started sucking, while his hands were playing with my boobs.
After sometime I released my juices, he drank them all. He told that he wants to fuck me and I told him I’m all yours have me as you want. He then asked me to get a condom; I told I don’t have and don’t waste time, ordered him to just enter inside me.
He guided his penis into me; it was greatest feeling the movement it entered. He started slowly and within in few minutes he released as he was new and exited. I told him to be cool, after sometime his cock regained strength and he entered me again.
This time he fucked me for more than 10 minutes and released inside me again, in the meantime even I released my juices. We both slept on the bed naked for about 1 hr or so. He thanked me a lot, I told him not to worry, come back again, since
I need to teach him a lot into this new world of sex. He was very much trilled and we continued our sex life. If you like this story, let me know mail me to and I will continue with second part, in that I get fucked by his friend also it was a group sex; fucked by 2 males at a time!

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